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brobuscus 7 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 2 8
brobuscus 6
I wanted to kill her, oh god how I wanted to kill her. Felix thought. While he and Angela were sitting worried she just didn't care. "Hope he dies then maybe we could get so peace and quiet." In seconds Felix pulled her out of the room.
"Get out of her now." He hissed.
"I want you gone and don't come back."
"If you do this we're through."
"Fine." She smirked. He pulled out his phone. "There." He held up the phone with a screen saying Pewdiepie is now single. "Now leave." She huffed and stormed away. Bitch. He turned and went back to standing in the corner of Toby's room.
"You can come over here ya know." Angela said from Toby's side.
"Yeah." He said and pushed off the wall. "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise." He said as he stroked Toby's hair. "But, you're not allowed to leave me not without believing me when I say I love you."
"Goodbye." Angela said as she walked out the door. Felix took her spot by Toby's side and held his hand. He was getting tired so he rested his head
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brobuscus 5 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 2 2
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brobuscus 1-4 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 5 4
The Night Before
Tamaki walked around his room. 'Sleep you idiot sleep.' He told himself though he was not listening. 'You need to be rested for tomorrow.' He laid down on his bed. 'It feels cold.' He internally pouted. "God damn it." He groaned. He picked up his phone and called Kyoya.
"Hello. What's the matter love?" Kyoya said groggily. 'Must have woke him up.'
"I can't sleep baby."
A chuckle. "Why not."
"Because you're not next to me."
"We aren't supposed to see each other 24 hours before the wedding."
"I know but I want to be awake for the wedding."
Another chuckle. "Bring your suit and come over."
"Okay love you, bye."
"Love you too, bye." Tamaki hung up grabbed his suit and headed for Kyoya's. Once there he went straight to Kyoya's soon to be old room. He had the cover pulled back so Tamaki could crawl in to bed. He laid next to his partner who automatically wrapped his arms around him. They were back to sleep in a minute.
:iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 8 0
"Kyoya, amour, are you okay?" Tamaki asked gently stepping into the bathroom. "Fine darling just a little off." He said softly and kissed Tamaki on the tip of the nose.
"If you're sick go home."
"Sorry but I have something to do at the club today."
"What's so important that it goes before your health?"
"Later my love later." He assured him pulling him close.
"We'll go get him." The twins said before getting up and going to the bathroom. When they open the door Kyoya jumped. "Oh it's just you two." He said. "Kyoya are-" Hikaru started. "You nervous?" Karou finished.
"Well considering what I'm going to do… *sigh* extremely." "And what is that." They said. Kyoya put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. He opened it to show a platinum ring with a large diamond with one gray-blue, one lavender stone to each side and an engravement saying 'Forever yours – Kyoya.' "Oh my." Kaoru said. "Going soft." Hikaru said teasingly getting lightly smacked by his bro
:iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 9 11
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new meet :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 0 0
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gr fan fic 3 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 0 0
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Random Favourites

         I could hardly believe sometimes that there had been peace for ten whole years now.  Considering some of the arguments Katara and Zuko had gotten into over the years, it was even harder to believe.  They had been getting along so well after Zuko helped her find the man who killed our mother.  Then the war had ended, Aang and Zuko had announced their relationship, and Katara and Zuko's relationship had gone steadily downhill since.  Suki figured she had been interested in Aang and was upset that he had ended up with Zuko and so was taking it out on him.  I wasn't so sure.  If my little sister was interested in someone I would know, and Katara hadn't been into Aang.  Haru maybe, but not Aang.  Aang had definitely been into her, though.  That was why I had been so surprised when Aang and Zuko had ended up together.
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 12 9
Zukaang Week 2012-Scars-WIP
          Aang felt the nausea twist his stomach and lunged for the trash can beside his desk.  After a few moments of choking and retching, he managed to expel the large frog.  "Well," he muttered, "that formula's a failure."  He scratched it off on his parchment, then glanced at his arm.  The intentionally made scar was still there. Even if it hadn't been, the side effects would have made it unusable.  Damn it.  Zuko's birthday was the following week, and Aang wanted this done before then.
         Zuko was extremely self-conscious about his scars, had the mistaken belief they made him ugly.  Aang snorted.  He doubted a Curse of Ugliness could make the golden-eyed teen ugly.  Slightly less heart-stoppingly gorgeous, maybe.  But not ugly.  Never ugly.  Of course,
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 7 1
Zukaang Week 2012 Gold and Scarlet
          Gold, scarlet, onyx and ivory were the colors of Zuko Ohasi, Aang Watanabe mused as he sat at the round table across from the other man. His boss-soon to be former boss if everything went according to plan-had sent him to this dinner in order to seduce the openly gay Zuko into agreeing to sell Jasmine Dragon Jewelry & Designs to his own company, Shostakovitch Jewelers. Disgust twisted his stomach. He'd been Drachov Shostakovitch's, best jewelry designer for four years. Learning that his boss viewed him a pawn who would seduce any gay male for personal gain simply because he was gay felt like a betrayal. He wouldn't mind seducing Zuko, but he had no intention of doing so to "earn" a promotion he didn't even want.
          Zuko was truly gorgeous. Creamy pale skin, luminous golden eyes, and soft, plush lips, all set off by the brilliant scarlet of his
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 8 2
Zukaang Week 2012-Yin and Yang
          Zuko lay half-asleep in bed, his younger lover curled close to him. They had made love for a few hours, and Aang was now peacefully asleep. God knew Aang needed the rest. Ozai and Azula had kept the poor boy on his feet all day. He ruffled Aang's dark brown hair lovingly. He really should have let Aang fall asleep right away instead of keeping him awake to make love, but the other male had
started kissing him, and one thing had led to another.
          He glanced over at the clock. Three in the afternoon. Sunset would be around nine that evening, so unless Aang woke on his own earlier, Zuko would wake him around eight-thirty. He pressed a tender kiss against Aang's forehead as his stomach rumbled slightly. He would
have to feed soon. But not on his lover. Never on his lover even though his father and sister both assumed that he was.
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 8 1
Zukaang Week 2012- Dragons Part 1
               "Mama! Mama!" Zuko cringed at Solis' shrill, demanding cries.  He wished that he had listened to Aang when she told him not to touch the big, golden egg-shaped stone. But no.  Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation couldn't listen to the Avatar.  He just had to pick up the stone, which turned out to actually be an egg, and which had, of course, hatched in his hands.  Two pairs of golden eyes had peered out at him, blinked once or twice, then one had squeaked 'Ma-Mama?'  The other had quickly followed suit, and the more Zuko tried to convince them otherwise, the more they seemed to believe it.  Then one of them spotted Aang, and had promptly decided that she was 'Papa'. The Sun Chief had shown up shortly after that, and declared that they were both truly stuck.  Those hadn't been his exact words, but close eno
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 6 0
Zukaang-Baby, It's Cold Outside
          It had taken some doing, but Aang had finally gotten permission to do it.  He'd had to argue with the principal, write a letter to the editor, do an online petition, and threaten a lawsuit.  All so that he could sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Zuko Ohasi at the Winter Talent Show.  Good God.  You'd think he'd asked for permission to give him a blow-job onstage, not sing a simple song with him.  The big night was here, the couch and backdrop were in place, and now all he had to do was coax a nervous Zuko out onto the stage.  He'd been trying for fifteen minutes now.  They were going to be disqualified in a few minutes.  The audience was starting to get restless.
         "C'mon, Zuko it'll be fun," he coaxed.
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 11 4
         I had been in Ba Sing Se for over a month now, on important Avatar duties.  I knew it was important and everything to be there, but I couldn't help being help being a little irritated.  I hated politics.  It just seemed like a bunch of cranky people yelling at each other and not getting anything done.  Well, anything important anyway.  The fact that I was supposed to only be here for about two weeks wasn't helping matters any.  It was a little selfish of me to neglect the other nations by spending so much time in the Fire Nation, but I couldn't help it.  It wasn't my fault that Zuko lived there, and that he couldn't travel much because of his duties.  
         "Oh.  Hi, Roku."  Roku hadn't popped up out of nowhere since the end of the war, nearly ten years ago.  I had talked to
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 11 3
Zukaang- Running Scared
         He was eighteen now.  Had been for a week.  Shouldn't that mean his stepfather should leave him the hell alone now?  Apparently, Thom didn't agree.  Aang leaned against the wall, trying to catch his breath.  He had run away almost two years ago, when Thom had taken the abuse to another level.  Thom had been chasing him ever since.  Inheriting a butt-load of money from some uncle or other left lots of time to be chasing down runaway stepsons, since he didn't have to worry about holding a job.  Aang had been zigzagging across the country trying to lose Thom.  He'd tried growing out his hair, dying his hair, growing facial hair, getting tattoos…everything he could think of to change his appearance, short of self-mutilation.  He'd tried using fake names, fake ages, everything.  Thom had to be part bloodhound.  He was n
:iconfurubafan74:furubafan74 15 2
AtLA: Zukaang Week: Impossible Odds
The wilds were no place for non-combatants. The immense amount of raw magic present in the very essence of the world of Atlas was largely responsible for this. More untouched something was, the more infused it was magic, which was why the woods, plains and mountains always had vicious monsters roaming them. However, it was also the reason why rural villages always had such plentiful crop. Because of all these things, it was very important that all towns and cities have warriors to combat any monsters trying to get into the village or to escort travellers between locations.
Aang had been trained to battle monsters and defend those weaker than him for years. Everyone around him had noticed that he hadn't been up to small town life and so Aang's guardian, Gyatso, had sent him away to the city of Easatema to be trained. That had been when Aang was twelve and his training had lasted three years. Since then he had been guarding his home village for two years and Aang felt quite confident in
:icondarthanimus:DarthAnimus 3 0
4. Tattoos - Zukaang Week 2012
Zuko was not entirely sure which was more embarrassing; the fact that he was changing clothes in front of the Avatar or the fact that it was his fault they needed to change clothes. Though in the future, he would argue that had they not gotten stuck, the Sun Warriors wouldn't have found them and none of this would have happened anyway.
The next day, they were to meet the Masters, whoever those people were. He had a gut feeling that they may be getting themselves in a little deeper than necessarily advisable, but he ignored it as best he could. His fire was shot, and Aang had none in the first place. With the coming battles, Zuko could safely say that that was a very, very bad thing. It was the Masters or they were pretty much screwed.
At the same time, he couldn't help wondering how the day had ended up this way. He had woken up feeling bedraggled and irritated, then solemn and then a bit sad, remembering that he was hated. Sure, Zuko had known people disliked him before, but having th
:iconchi-haku:Chi-Haku 19 7
Tattoos- Zukaang Week 2012
Prompt 4: Tattoos
Zuko's head pounded with such ferocity, that he feared that it was shaking the whole bed. He squeezed his eyes closed, willing the pounding to cease, after a few moments the severe pounding reduced to a dull ache. Reluctantly, he pushed himself up into a sitting position, the red sheets pooling at his side.
With a deep breath, he slowly opened his eyes, the room began to spin and black ate at his vision. For a second he thought he was going to faint, so he put his head between his knees and reclosed his eyes. Zuko struggled for memory, trying to recollect thoughts that may bring answers to why he was in such a terrible condition.
His body gradually began to stiffen and ache, with that he decided maybe it was best to stay in bed for the day. Zuko lie back down, staring up at the white ceiling above him. In instinct he looked over to the alarm clock lying next to his bed, 10:05 a.m. How had he slept in so late? Zuko was usually one to rise with the sun, none of this mad
:iconrainingsun89:RainingSun89 6 2
7. The Haunted Tavern
Aang had been the Avatar long enough to know the ropes. Places that worshipped a certain spirit, usually safe enough, as long as the tributes were paid and the land wasn't being defiled. Places that were decimated and in general, destroyed, or not paying tribute, best to avoid. Angry spirits tended to congregate around place without worship or where people were being stupid and hurting the land. As Avatar, he, naturally, had no problem in taking care of these angry spirits, he'd just rather avoid them if he could. Aang tried not to seek out trouble, trouble found him well enough on its own thank you very much.
So, seriously, he had to wonder why this was happening. The land in this section of the Earth Kingdom was perfectly nice, there was nothing remotely damaged about it. The people worshipped the local spirits, and even a few wider spread ones. The town was well kept, the inn was nice, and for some inexplicable reason, it was also intent on doing everything in its power to piss off
:iconchi-haku:Chi-Haku 26 17
The Past- Zukaang Week 2012
Prompt 6: The Past
(A/N: This is 'hot off the press'.)
There must be some sort of mysterious strength that I just haven't discovered yet. Because as I sit here feeling sorry for myself, I wonder about the other people crushed by the war. How do the mothers' who have lost their children keep going, the husbands' that watch their innocent wives' get murdered, or the poor orphans with less than 1 full meal per day. They all have such a huge burden, a horrible weight constantly hanging above them, like their own personal storm cloud.
And while those people continue to march through life, I sit here on this small cot, crying for myself, believing there's no hope, I've lost everything, and yet I still have to give everything. Thinking this just makes me feel worse, because then I realize all this pain exists in the world because of me. I am a failure, I tell myself, each and every day. Though no one sees it, my friends smile and laugh along with me, but if I let them see the pain, I would ju
:iconrainingsun89:RainingSun89 5 4
AtLA: Zukaang Week: The Past
"I'm terribly sorry about this," Zuko murmured apologetically even as the tone was hard to accomplish with his arms pulled behind him and chained at an awkward angle. Neither of his two cellmates looked terribly angry, though, just generally disgruntled with their situation.
"You don't have to apologise for who you are, Zuko," Sokka said with a grin. "I mean, the power to summon powerful otherworldly beings? You might as well add 'bound to get kidnapped' into your resume."
"Yeah, no worries, Summoner Worrywart." Toph wriggled her wrists in her own shackles. "It's not your fault this creep decided to come after you. Besides." There was a deep crumbling sound when Toph yanked her bindings off the wall. "It's not like these flimsy shackles can hold me."
"But it's not just about that," Zuko protested while Toph busied herself with freeing her teammates as well. "I...haven't been completely open about who I am."
"You can tell us all about it while we ditch this place." Sokka was out and gla
:icondarthanimus:DarthAnimus 6 0
1. Power Envy
Azula sat beside the throne in the throne room of the Fire Nation palace. The throne room was a fair bit different than it had been in her father's day in control. The foreboding torch lights that left almost everything in shadow were gone and replaced with much brighter lamps that hid nothing from anyone's view. The multiple hangings of the Fire Nation symbol had been reduced to two, one over the door and one behind the throne itself, and the rest had been turned back to the traditional artworks that had once hung there.
To her right sat her mother, then Mai, and two seats away from her, on the other side of the throne, her
uncle. On the throne itself sat her brother, Zuko, looking both beautiful, intimidating and regal all at once.
Over the last four years, he had not changed much physically. His face remained unwrinkled and smooth as a child's, and his physique stayed at the slender, but toned level it had been before. His hair however, had grown out to reach over halfway down his b
:iconchi-haku:Chi-Haku 31 29
AtLA: Zukaang Week: Yin and Yang
Aang let Zuko lead the way after the pair left Aang's hometown. After all, it was Zuko who had a specific destination to get to. They took the more rarely used road toward Easatema, trying to avoid as many of the assassins sent after Zuko as they could. When the amount of mercenaries in the middle of a search began to dwindle, Aang knew they were in the clear.
"So," he began, catching Zuko's attention. "I get that the Phoenix King isn't a big fan of the resistance and wants to hunt it down, but why are they putting this much effort into catching you?" It really shouldn't be that important to get one guy.
"My uncle is very high up in the royal council," Zuko explained. "He is also a part of the resistance."
Aang nodded his head. "I think I see where this is going."
Zuko tilted his head forward, conceding to Aang that much. "My uncle has found out some important information that needs to be taken to the resistance. That's my job."
"And that's why you were out in the countryside?" Aang ad
:icondarthanimus:DarthAnimus 7 0



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my laptop leteraly made mr cry it just shut off and lost 4 page, two hours of my life and ot was a really good story mofo.


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