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Abuse by l4d2ruales
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Abuse :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 1 0
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brobuscus 7 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 2 8
brobuscus 6
I wanted to kill her, oh god how I wanted to kill her. Felix thought. While he and Angela were sitting worried she just didn't care. "Hope he dies then maybe we could get so peace and quiet." In seconds Felix pulled her out of the room.
"Get out of her now." He hissed.
"I want you gone and don't come back."
"If you do this we're through."
"Fine." She smirked. He pulled out his phone. "There." He held up the phone with a screen saying Pewdiepie is now single. "Now leave." She huffed and stormed away. Bitch. He turned and went back to standing in the corner of Toby's room.
"You can come over here ya know." Angela said from Toby's side.
"Yeah." He said and pushed off the wall. "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise." He said as he stroked Toby's hair. "But, you're not allowed to leave me not without believing me when I say I love you."
"Goodbye." Angela said as she walked out the door. Felix took her spot by Toby's side and held his hand. He was getting tired so he rested his head
:iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 3 0
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brobuscus 5 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 2 2
Mature content
brobuscus 1-4 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 5 4
The Night Before
Tamaki walked around his room. 'Sleep you idiot sleep.' He told himself though he was not listening. 'You need to be rested for tomorrow.' He laid down on his bed. 'It feels cold.' He internally pouted. "God damn it." He groaned. He picked up his phone and called Kyoya.
"Hello. What's the matter love?" Kyoya said groggily. 'Must have woke him up.'
"I can't sleep baby."
A chuckle. "Why not."
"Because you're not next to me."
"We aren't supposed to see each other 24 hours before the wedding."
"I know but I want to be awake for the wedding."
Another chuckle. "Bring your suit and come over."
"Okay love you, bye."
"Love you too, bye." Tamaki hung up grabbed his suit and headed for Kyoya's. Once there he went straight to Kyoya's soon to be old room. He had the cover pulled back so Tamaki could crawl in to bed. He laid next to his partner who automatically wrapped his arms around him. They were back to sleep in a minute.
:iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 9 0
"Kyoya, amour, are you okay?" Tamaki asked gently stepping into the bathroom. "Fine darling just a little off." He said softly and kissed Tamaki on the tip of the nose.
"If you're sick go home."
"Sorry but I have something to do at the club today."
"What's so important that it goes before your health?"
"Later my love later." He assured him pulling him close.
"We'll go get him." The twins said before getting up and going to the bathroom. When they open the door Kyoya jumped. "Oh it's just you two." He said. "Kyoya are-" Hikaru started. "You nervous?" Karou finished.
"Well considering what I'm going to do… *sigh* extremely." "And what is that." They said. Kyoya put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. He opened it to show a platinum ring with a large diamond with one gray-blue, one lavender stone to each side and an engravement saying 'Forever yours – Kyoya.' "Oh my." Kaoru said. "Going soft." Hikaru said teasingly getting lightly smacked by his bro
:iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 10 11
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new meet :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 0 0
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gr fan fic 3 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 0 0
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new friend 3 :iconl4d2ruales:l4d2ruales 0 0
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Random Favourites

His Master, Deceit 3
Setting: our time, actual time, currently the time and space era we inhabit this very moment. Or, as some may call it of this very moment 2011.
POV: Sebastian's
"Young master," I call softly into his hear, raking back some of his hair from his pretty face, "It is time to wake up now, you have a big day ahead of you."
Victoria's eyes pop open in shock, her body still draped across mine, her arms encircling my chest. She peers up at me, retracting her hands in embarrassment, crossing them under one another over her stomach. Due to my slight seduction technique her blonde bangs are shoved away from her face displaying her lovely face and single exposed eye.
"Did I…did I fall asleep on you last night?" she demands, the disgust in her tone might as well have been a slap in the face.
I nod, buttoning a few buttons I had undone for comfort in the night, "You did, sorry for being so rough but you insisted. I'm amazed no one got onto us, you are quite loud."
Red consumes her face,
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 126 81
His Butler, Apart
It wasn't so much that he wanted to leave; it was more of the fact that he had to leave. His gloved hand curls around the handle of the door, the weight on his heart threatening to crush the small organ as he pulls back inviting the bitter air inside. One foot extends itself into the approaching winter, cold seeping into him through his thick coat his master had gifted him a long time ago.
"What are you doing?" a voice inquires softly, halting him in his tracks.
Glancing over his shoulder he sees the housemaid, Mey-Rin, a slight hatred rippling through him. Ciel has grown more attached to her lately, for reasons unknown to him. He's seen them taking leisurely strolls through the white rose gardens, the empty corridors and he's even seen her sneak his young master sweets now and then. Exhaling he turns to address her, the door still open.
"Mey-Rin," Sebastian says, his voice low as if Ciel may hear in his bedroom nestled deep within the mansion, "Why are you out of bed?"
The maid fumble
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 269 66
His Master, Deceit 2
Setting: our time, actual time, currently the time and space era we inhabit this very moment. Or, as some may call it of this very moment 2011.
POV: Sebastian's
Traffic was horrible, it was as if all of London knew that I was in a hurry  and was hell bend on making sure I reached my destination as slowly as possible. I could go into a long recollection of how I attempted to outrun other cars, beat traffic signals and try not to run over pedestrians, but that would take too long.
To put it simply, I abandoned my car- well, technically Ciel's car- in the middle of a busy street and decided to run to the airport.
A bit out of breath I stride to the first entry onto the plane, the attendant takes my pre-ordered ticket and rips off the piece she keeps. Her large brown eyes briefly survey my body, her sight staying locked on my eyes before flickering to my chest. Sighing I quirked one eyebrow in a silent plea to continue on with my journey; I know I'm attractive, demons usu
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 131 47
His Master, Deceit
Setting: our time, actual time, currently the time and space era we inhabit this very moment. Or, as some may call it of this very moment 2011.
POV: Sebastian's
"Young master," I call softly, knocking on his door with my knuckles careful to make the sound loud enough to notify him but not awaken him.
I shove the door open, allowing it to swing open into the newest home he's purchased- a large townhouse in London decorated like his first home hundreds of years ago. Early light spills into the room illuminating his dark blue walls, light carpets, nice oak furniture and elegant empty canopy bed.
Hurriedly I set the tea set I've carried in with me onto his nightstand, the second the fine China is safe I reach forward to the mangled covers, making a slight mess as I rummage through them. Out of habit I quickly make the bed marking one place already searched before dropping to my hands and knees, peering under the bed, "Young master?" I call out to the dust bunnies a
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 296 88
His Butler, Torment Part2
There are those eyes again, slender and luminous, sexy and allusive, red and amber. They beckon him from nothing as the pain and humiliation settles into his soul once more, or what's left of it. Those hands reach out of the darkness, the whispers of pretending pounding in his head. No, not again, not the pain not this again. How many times must this happen before the end? Is there even a God somewhere that hears his cries, to save him from this hell?
He screams, the pain too much, the demand for justice stronger than ever. Strong enough to summon him. The demon.
The butler's voice cries, "Young master!" His snow white hands flutter to keep his master steady as the young boy thrashes about in a nightmare.
His eyes pop open, wide with fear as his hand gropes under his pillow for his pistol. Where is it? He just had it; at least he thought he did. It was a gun he kept under his pillow, right?
The butler releases Ciel, returning to erect posture as he shoves his delicately framed rectangu
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 270 57
His Butler, Torment Part 1
A soft glow plays off the usually dark room, the satiny blood red sheets entangling him and his sleeping master. Sebastian groans slightly as he sits upright careful not to disturb Ciel. His eyes linger on the small boy, his dark hair terribly askew across his peaceful expression. Smiling fondly Sebastian wraps an arm around Ciel, pulling him close somehow unable to wake him. Ciel mutters something in his sleep as he curls into Sebastian, his small fingers digging into his lover's exposed chest, his silky hair tickling his skin.
Smiling Sebastian relaxes back into the comfort of the pillows the support his back, keeping a hand on Ciel always glad for the comfort the small boy brings him. The door to his room slowly opens, the bright spectacles of Mey-Rin peeps in. Her eyes fall on the two, both in the same bed, both without clothes and both looking rather comfortable. She lowers her gaze from Sebastian's bare chest, hurriedly tip toeing into the room with an arm extended with a thick e
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 206 106
His Butler, Possession
The mansion has been quiet, too quiet. Ciel Phantomhive aimlessly wanders the halls, his eyes on the floor as he watches his feet silently move one in front of the other. Ever since their last encounter at the Trancy manor and he had been wounded Sebastian had kept his distance. The stab wound in Ciel's shoulder stings slightly but it's nothing compared to the aching in his heart for his butler.
Sebastian came in this morning to dress him, but only said what was required of him being a soft, "Good morning young master, it's time to wake up." Then after a proper changing he explained the breakfast and tea then left Ciel to eat alone. Never has Sebastian's food tasted so bland without his presence. After that the afternoon snack came at its usual time this time the only words of the snack and tea, no "Good afternoon" or a mischievous peck on the cheek. Not even the slightest touch or acknowledgment that Ciel truly existed in Sebastian's heart.
He stops before a large window overlooking t
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 405 67
His Master, Gone
He turns away, averting his gaze from the scene of his own doing. Clenching his jaw he strides away only a few steps for that's all he could take before his own body gave in from under him. The demon collapses to the ground, his eyes staring at the ground intently as if it may give him an answer as to why.
His throat tightens with unshed tears as his chest slowly expels all feeling except that of remorse. His hands curl into fists as he crumples into the earth trying to hold back the tears, the truth. No, he will not cry, a single tear shall not pass his eyes for demons do not cry, do not love. Love…is that the feeling the boy left him with? This horrible invisible monster that's eating away at his sanity and all that he thought he knew?
No. He's a demon, he can't feel what humans do, that thing they call 'love.' He, Sebastian Michaelis, isn't allowed to love since he's never encountered it. Until now.
Glancing over his shoulder he spares his deceased one last look before the mise
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 107 41
His Butler, Sorrow
Finally, it is finished. Ciel Phantomhive expels a great sigh of relief as his head falls into his hands. The paper work is done and in many neat piles atop his desk all ready to be mailed back to their original owners. Beside him sits his butler, a loyal demon who happily flicks the very last of the paperwork into its designated spot atop the oak surface. His eyes shift down to the mentally exhausted earl beside him. Smiling he ruffles the young boy's hair, "See? That wasn't so bad."
A tiny glare greets him, "Not so bad? Are you daft? That was three days of paperwork! How in any way was it not so bad?"
Sebastian chuckles, kissing Ciel gently on the cheek, "You were there, that's good enough for me."
Rolling his eyes slightly Ciel sits upright, surveying the masses of paper before him, "Well…I suppose we can mail it all out tomorrow, and by we I mean you."
"Of course, my lord." His eyes scan the desk one last time in search of any bits they missed so they may retire for the evenin
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 339 73
His Butler, Always
A soft light filters through the curtains, casting a milky glow about the room making the usually dreary mansion look less. He stretches his arms out with a slight yawn; it's been so long since he's actually slept well. Not that he slept much at all last night, being on his toes watching for enemies to take his love away.
His eyes drift to the small body beside him, his sides rising and falling at a steady rhythm. Smiling fondly to himself Sebastian brushes back some of Ciel's hair from his face, the boy's expression completely peaceful. He makes a face in his sleep, his ski slope nose wrinkling slightly as he murmurs something, rolling on his side facing Sebastian. Exhaling Sebastian sits upright raking his hands through his hair staring at his clothes on the ground. Silently he dresses, fixing any imperfections in the mirror before wrenching open the curtains allowing more sunlight to blare into the room.
Ciel's eyebrows crease as he plunges under the covers emitting a slight moan. "
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 367 105
His Butler, Hosting
*Setting: Ouran Academy (yes I thought this would be a fun crossover) with our same cast with the temporary additions of Sebastian and Ciel. Just to make things clear.*
Seven months, that's how long I have to live in this hell that I've been shipped to. When the offer to expand my family's toy company outward to Japan I thought I'd just be in fancy hotels eating raw fish until the seven months were up. But no, somehow I managed to be enrolled into the apparently prestigious high school academy, Ouran.
Now the school itself isn't bad, the aesthetics are fairly decent although not to my taste and the academics seem fairly good. It's not a bad place to spend four years of your life but seeing as I am a business man and not some silly high school student, this place may as well be a primary school with finger paint on the walls. Even then I'd stand a better chance on talking my way out of that situation, but sadly I have one set of eyes on me at all times.
My butler, Sebastian Michaelis, i
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 139 125
His Butler, Lustful
The rightful head of the household stares distastefully at himself in the mirror as his faithful butler happily tugs folds and creases into crisp edges. The young earl's small lips turn into a frown as his single blue eye surveys the atrocity of an outfit Sebastian clothed him in-a large mass of blue and white frills and lace courtesy of his 'fiancée.' Exhaling he feels his body stiffen as Sebastian fastens a hat with equal decoration atop his master's head, a smirk tugging on his lips dying to burst into laughter.
"Sebastian…" Ciel growls, meeting the butler's red eyes in the mirror, "…what is this?"
"Party attire." The butler replies simply, as if his master had asked what day it is today, "Miss Elizabeth insisted you wear this to her party."
"A party I've been trying to veto for the past three days." Ciel sighs, his frown sinking, "Whatever was she thinking, holding an extravagant party in my home, a place of business not play."
"I think she just wants to spend some t
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 647 141
His Butler, Caught
Her wide eyes flicker with confusion and denial as she leans forward more, inspecting the sight before her. As Elizabeth had entered the room she had heard some odd sounds from behind Ciel's desk and a closer look revealed his butler atop her fiancé attached at the face. "What's going on?" she attempts to demand but comes out as a whisper.
Ciel moves his jaw slightly; clenching it like he usually does when he's mad as Sebastian sits upright, sliding off his master. Sebastian helps Ciel stand, keeping a gloved hand on the boy's shoulder comfortingly. He flashes the trembling girl before him a charmed smile, "Miss Elizabeth…"
"Where you two…kissing?" she hisses, disgust in her tone as she takes a step away from the anomaly of butler and master.
"No." Sebastian replies simply.
"But I saw you!" she shouts, tears gathering in her eyes, "I saw you kiss him, Sebastian! Is that any way to treat my fiancée? The man I'm destined to be with?!"
Ciel narrows his eye, "Who said I
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 655 184
His Butler, Desire
He's falling into darkness, into nothing without so much someone to catch him. To save him from this eternity of nothingness. He opens his mouth, knowing the words he has to shout for salvation but none come. Struggling he tries again, the dark ground approaching quickly, the fires of death growing on the horizon. Still no words, not even the slightest squeak.
As he approaches his doom he can hear the screams of his parents, his own and his aunt. One last try, that's probably all the time he's got until he dies. Just one more time to see if he can overcome this sheer fear that's engulfed him to try and push through it and save himself.
And his soul.
"SEBASTIAN!" He cries, his voice loud and powerful, ricocheting around him.
Nothing. His servant does not come, but his death does.
Sebastian may have not come in the dream but he bolted into Ciel Phantomhive's room right as he heard his master's bloodcurdling scream. Thrusting the door open he prepares to see the worst, maybe one of
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 621 146
His Butler, Broken
He finishes the last aesthetic touches on today's dessert for his young Lord-a simple chocolate cake with elaborate icing detail and fruit. Smiling fondly Sebastian places the cake on the silver platter along with the other pieces needed for Ciel's afternoon tea.
Creaking open the door he sees the young man slumped over atop his desk. The boy didn't get as much sleep needed as he should have. Feeling a bit guilty for his master's lack of energy Sebastian sets the small meal down, approaching Ciel. His one exposed blue eye is closed in sleep, his chest rising and falling rhythmically as his dark black almost blue hair cascades down the right side of his face-almost completely masking his eye patch.
Placing a gentle hand on Ciel's shoulder Sebastian gives him a slight shake, leaning in close memories of last night still brushing through his mind. "Lord…" he whispers in Ciel's ear, "Ciel…you have fallen asleep, it's time to wake up…"
Wearily Ciel pries open his single eye,
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 773 302
His Butler, Convicted
Turning his head he recognizes the figure, small and lean whose very demeanour screamed solitude. The man clutches his pen and pocketbook, his feet taking only seconds to reach the desired back of the needed words. He claps the shoulder causing him to turn around, his large blue eye casting a disturbed glare over his shoulder.
"What?" Ciel Phantomhive snaps.
"Earl Phantomhive, sir," the interviewer pants, "please, just a word, please."
Ciel exhales, secretly loving the attention or just another chance to further soil the name Michaelis, "Do make it quick. I have a trial to get to."
The interviewer nods eagerly, licking the tip of his pen ready for the earl's response, "What exactly are your true, honest thoughts on Sebastian Michaelis?"
A smirk threatens to ruin his façade as Ciel shoves it away, faking innocent, tainted boy. He casts his gaze downward illuminating the mirage of defenceless boy before flying the wall of powerful earl back into position, "Sebastian Michaelis…m
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 360 81



Jessica Ridgeway
United States
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Favourite photographer: my freind kevin
Favourite style of art: anine-ish stuff
Favourite cartoon character: sebastian from black butler or italy fron hetalia or hellgirl anime is ovibus
Personal Quote: i'm bi and a yoai fangirl get the fuck over it
my laptop leteraly made mr cry it just shut off and lost 4 page, two hours of my life and ot was a really good story mofo.


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